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I wanted to thank you for all your help.  One of the reasons I put off getting help for my eating disorder is I was afraid of the food process. You have made me feel so at ease with everything.  It is hard and I know that I have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. But I know that with you helping me I can make it. When you talk to me I feel like I am truly worth being good to myself and feeling good about who I am. I will try to be more positive and laugh more. Thanks again, 
a truly happy client (9/2014)


Working with Karen has been life changing. She has helped me learn the meaning of accountability and that the decisions I made through living an unhealthy life is what got me to the weight that I had become. She taught me to think outside of the box, put in the work, and to not make excuses. When I was resistant she showed me tough love which made me more responsible for my actions. She helped me understand that I was actually living in my feelings. I was hurting, but instead of dealing with my pain I was just feeding my problem causing it to grow and grow as my weight was. I tried lying to Karen, but I was just lying to myself. Karen taught me how to forgive myself and make healthier choices. The battle is not over and will not be until I die, but I have had victories and have lost 252 pounds due to the healthier choices that I have made. I find myself running to things I used to run from, such as water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise. I am different and my weight is a reflection of that  Steve (4/2014)

Roswell Nutrition completely changed the way I think about food that goes into my body. The staff are extremely personable and highly educated. They offer comprehensive, informative analyses on your specific diet, and offer ways to improve for your specific goals. As an avid weight-lifter and aspiring certified personal trainer, I highly recommend Roswell Nutrition. Whether you're looking to bulk up, slim down, cut fat, improve heart/general organ health, or just be healthier, Roswell Nutrition is the way to go!  Justin (4/2014)

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